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Itinerary: 07 Nights Egypt, 02 Nights Jordan and 02 Nights Jerusalem

Day 1:    (Cairo) (Breakfast Included)

Upon arrival at Cairo international airport, you will be met by our travel representative. You will be assisted with clearing immigration and customs, then you will be transferred by a deluxe vehicle to your hotel.

Day 2:    (Cairo) (Breakfast Included)After breakfast, meet our guide at the hotel for departure on a full day’s tour of Giza. Visit one of the seven wonders of the ancient world; the great Khufu’s (Cheops) pyramid (2690 BC). Continue to explore the rest of Giza plateau including the sight of Khafre’s pyramid – Khufu’s son, the second-largest pyramid on Giza site; Mecernes pyramid the smallest and the famous Sphinx. Continue to visit the Egyptian Museum, which is famous for its antiques from Egypt’s pharaoh periods, dates back some 50 centuries. The famous Tutankhamun collection is on the most famous collections of the museum. End the tour with a walk in the oldest bazaars in Cairo, the Khan El – Khalili, where you shop for souvenirs. After the tour, transfer back to the hotel to overnight.

Day 3:    (Cairo / Aswan)
After breakfast, you will  check out from your hotel with our representative to Cairo Airport  to take your flight to Aswan. Arrive in Aswan Airport, where you will be met by our representative Boarding in Aswan  we will visit Philae Temple With a small motorboat, (The Temple of Isis is one of the greatest Temples in Egypt and it occupies about a quarter of the island. It is also the temple’s main island with its huge, complete, pylons and beautiful scenes.The construction began during the reign of King Ptolemy II, and then other Ptolemaic .The Temple of Isis consists of the 1st Pylon, which is a great traditional pylon with two towers, and an open forecourt, which leads to the 2nd pylon..) and we will visit High Dam . After the tour, you will be transferred to your 5* deluxe Nile cruise which will be your home for the next 03 nights. You will have lunch, dinner and stay overnight onboard.

In the evening (optional you have the possibility of seeing the light and sound show at the Philae Temple).

Day 4: Kom Ombo / Edfu
Early Morning (Optional Visit Abu Simbel)

Sailing to Kom Ombo , visit the temples of Sobek and Horus(The temple is unique because it is in fact a double temple, dedicated to Sobek the crocodile god, and Horus the falcon-headed god. The layout combines two temples in one with each side having its own gateways and chapels).

Return to the ship and Complete sail to Edfu, Entertainment (Ghalaby Party). overnight onboard

Day 5: Edfu – Luxor
visit Edfu temple  You will take a tour by a horse-drawn carriage to visit the Temple of Horus (The Temple of Edfu is the second largest temple in Egypt. It is also known as the Temple of Horus (the falcon-headed God) and it is the most beautiful and well-preserved of all the Egyptian temples. The Temple of Edfu is comprised of a main entrance, a courtyard and a chapel. To the West of the main entrance is the Birth House, also called the Mamisi. Here, the annual Festival of Coronation was held to honor the divine birth of Horus and the pharaoh. Inside the Mamisi are several scenes that depict the story of Horus’ divine birth in the presence of Hathor and other birth-related deities)

Sail to Luxor via Esna,  visit the sights of the East Bank of Luxor including the Karnak and Luxor Temples. overnight onboard.

(Optional Sound & Light Show at Karnak Temple )

Day 06: Luxor/ Cairo

Early morning (Optional Hot Air Balloon )
Breakfast and departure.  You will visit  sites on the West Bank, including the Colossi of Memnon (Known as the singing statues or “The Vocal Memnon”, the Colossi of Memnon are two great seated stone statues representing King Amenhotep III, Decorated with imagery of his mother, his wife and the God Hapi, the statues are 18 meters high and 720 tons each, and both are carved from single blocks of sandstone, )and Temple of Queen Hatshepsut(A daughter of King Thutmose I, Hatshepsut became queen of Egypt when she married her half-brother, Thutmose II, around the age of 12. Upon his death, she began acting as regent for her stepson, the infant Thutmose III, but later took on the full powers of a pharaoh, becoming co-ruler of Egypt around 1473 B.C. As pharaoh, Hatshepsut extended Egyptian trade and oversaw ambitious building projects, most notably the Temple of Deir el-Bahri, located in western Thebes, where she would be buried. Depicted (at her own orders) as a male in many contemporary images and sculptures, Hatshepsut remained largely unknown to scholars until the 19th century).,

The Valley of Kings (The Valley of the Kings was a great burial ground for the Pharaohs. After around 1500 B.C. the Pharaohs no longer built great pyramids in which to be buried. Instead, most of them were buried in tombs in the Valley of the Kings.).

After tours you will transfer with our representative to Luxor international airport to fly Cairo. Arrive in Cairo Airport, where you will be met by our representative then you will be transferred by a deluxe vehicle to your hotel. stay overnight.

Day 07: Cairo

After breakfast you will visit the Citadel, Islamic and Coptic Cairo , The Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali, The Military Museum and the Outdoor Coptic & Islamic Cairo. Coptic Cairo is the home of The Hanging Church, a Greek Orthodox Church and a Synagogue.  Abu Sarga is the oldest church in Egypt. , stay overnight at the hotel.

Day 08:  (Cairo + Jordan)
Early morning flight to Amaan
Our representative welcomes you at Queen Alia International Airport and assists you through the formalities of immigration and customs. transfer to Petra check your hotel, renowned as the most famous and the most exceptional site in Jordan. This ancient city is the legacy of the Nabateans, an Arab people settled in Jordan over 2000 years ago. It is today one of the 7 New Wonders of the World. There, you will admire the Khazneh, also called the “Treasury”, as well as the Amphitheatre, the Royal Tombs, the Monastery and many other amazing buildings carved in the rock. overnight

Day 09: Petra (Amman to Tiberius)

After breakfast, you will  check out from your hotel with our representative you will transfer  by a deluxe vehicle to Tiberius via King Hussein Bridge “Allenby Bridge” – Around the Sea of Galilee Dinner & Overnight Tiberius

Day 10:  (Jerusalem)

After breakfast, you will  check out from your hotel with our representative you will transfer  by a deluxe vehicle to Jerusalem you will visits sites: Nazareth , Cana , Dead Sea, Qumran , Dinner & Overnight Jerusalem.

Day 11:  (Jerusalem)

After breakfast you will visit sites Mount of Olives, Old City of Jerusalem, Mt. Zion , Dinner and Overnight Jerusalem

Day 12:

Back to home for Departure




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